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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Google's AdSense for Content

Category: Professional

I've added Contextual Links from Google's AdSense for Content online advertising program. The links are on the right-hand side of this web page.

Note: Google AdSense links don't open in a new window. At present, they don't have any option for the links to open in a new window, as they are dynamically generated based on the content of the page.

Thoughts on external links opening in the same browser window.

In a way it compromises on the usability of the web page.
If a user has come to read your web page and he finds a link worth clicking, and clicks on that - it is all right if he doesn't lose his place from your web page, that is if the web page opens in another browser window and he can do multi-tasking, simultaneously surfing your web page and the other web page, however, if the link opens in the same browser window, then the user has moved away from your web page, and even though you earn a click through, the user is not on your page. So it is a give and take kind of relationship. You lose a user to gain a click through.

Another angle: There are chances that the user may click the back button and return to your web page, even if the contextual link opens in the same window. Then what percentage of users who click on an external link that opens in the same browser window return to the original web page?

The reports of AdSense click throughs will make for an interesting analysis. Check on that after a month.

Note: All the external links on my blog always open in a new browser window, except for the recently installed Google AdSense contextual links.

Firefox Browser Tip: Use the Ctrl+T keys on your keyboard to open a link as a new tab in the same browser window.

Q: What is contextual advertising?
A: Advertising that is dynamically generated (comes on the fly) based on the content and words used on the web page.

For example, if there is a post on blogging then links related to online diaries, blogging etc. would show up through Google AdSense. If there is a post on content filtering softwares, then links related to Internet filtering softwares etc. would show up.

Link: Google AdSense FAQs.