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Friday, January 21, 2005


Category: Personal

I may join another company from Monday. I've to collect the offer letter tomorrow. The project that I'm working on may last for only a month or so, and I'll have to search for a job again; instead of that, I may take the opportunity to join a content development company at a lower payscale, but with chances of a leadership position after three months (that's what they say, and I know it's not true). This move will monetarily put me back. :-( They're offering peanuts.

What should I do? Should I accept the offer, and with it some kind of job security at a lesser payscale or continue with my present employer and try and find a better opportunity in a month, so that once this project is done, I can take a job that offers a higher payscale. :-(

I should take a BPO job and earn money, after all that's work too, and what difference does it make if I have to check some financial statement or prepare an excel worksheet at three in the morning?

I have two meetings tomorrow, and I've to take a decision; either a content development company that pays peanuts, or a BPO operation in the night shift, or keep the status quo, and find a better opportunity.

I've big plans of starting off on my own; before that I've to take some small decisions like:

- Accepting a content development opportunity that pays less
- Pursuing a BPO operations night shift opportunity that pays more
- Maintaining the status quo and searching for another opportunity within a month.

I'll take a decision over the weekend. All I can do is take a decision and flow with the current. Making a decision is a part of the process, and one never knows where it can lead.

I use the word opportunity a lot. There aren't any opportunities here bro, they're all plain jobs to earn a living.

I'm feeling sleepy. What does tomorrow have in store that today didn't?
Why do I write a diary? And why do I keep it for others to read? I used to write, to feel happy. That was the only thing that made me happy; not the work I did or the money I earned. That's what made me write a diary.

Off to sleep. Let tomorrow come, and I'll decide what to do. Should I take the content development job? It will pay peanuts, but there's job security and there are more than 20 people working in the project, and I've a chance to lead them after three months.

Decisions...decisions...I never seem to take any right ones.
Will this be a turning point for me?