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Friday, January 21, 2005


Category: Misc


Octavio Paz was a Nobel Prize Winning poet. He was Mexico's ambassador to India.

Writing a Haiku from Octavio Paz's verse written on Lodi Gardens, Delhi.
I've changed it to a Haiku.

Birds fly across the domes
Black, pensive, dense mausoleum domes come alive
Brighten the unanimous blue sky

This is the original verse

The black, pensive, dense
Domes of the mausoleums
Suddenly shoot birds
Into the unanimous blue

A three liner, not a Haiku, as it doesn't have a reference to nature.

Met a lovely girl Reeva
Paid her a compliment on her dress
Thought I was piling on her

Why do girls find it difficult to accept compliments?
I like girls in light coloured salwar kameezes. I paid a compliment she didn't like. Next time, I will keep quiet. :-)