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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

MrSapo—A Multi-Search Interface

Category: Professional

MrSapo.com is a single page Multi-Search Interface.
[via ResearchBuzz]

MrSapo searches the major web, meta, blog, image, news, audio/video, and academic search engines.

- Choose the search tab—web, images, weblogs, audio/video, news, or academic.
- Enter your query in the search box.
- Select the grey button to get results from the search engine you want to query.

Multiple search engine results are not displayed. One has to select a particular search engine to get its results. MrSapo.com isn't a meta search engine, it is a Multi-Search Interface for various search engines.

Bjorgul - A multi-search interface with different search boxes for each search engine. MrSapo has a single search box, which queries a single search engine, and shows the results, separated by a frame, on the same page. This is a useful resource for ready reference.

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