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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why do I blog? My thoughts on blogging

Category: Personal

Why do I blog? (Thanks for the idea, Charley).

I think, therefore I am.
~ Virgil

Similarly, I write, therefore I am.

Blogging is joy. The joy of keying your thoughts, poems, quotes, musings, life and times - sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Blogging is a way to get rid of the angst, or to give rise to more of it. It is a platform to write about ideas, an opportunity to question yourself, a chance to introspect and decide, a way to think rationally, and an opportunity to develop instinct, by trying to write about different topics. Blogging gives me my space and it allows me write about my feelings. It gives me an outlet to write about the things I like - poetry, search engines, quotations, urban life, beauty, love, cricket, usability, technology, and much more.

Putting my personal life online isn't risky, it is nice. It is a chance to share my world with hundreds of anonymous readers from around the world, who for some particular reason, find it worth visiting and reading my blog. There would be something about my writing that seems good or bad, happy or sad, great, cool, angst-ridden, philosophical, successful, vibrant, humorous, hackneyed, intellectual, technological, poetic, mystic, down-to-earth, real, funny, or whatever; which makes them read my blog, and so I've a bond with all those visitors, who may or may not be living their life the way I do, who may or may not at some point of time in their life have gone through the successes and failures that I've been through, but they are an indirect part of it, either through knowledge sharing, friendship, or plain vicariousness.

Blogging allows me to indulge in my passion of search, poetry and cricket. I love to write about cricket. I have a feel for the game. I have played it, and I can understand the poetry and the technique of cricket, and blogging provides me a chance to write about cricket, the way I feel it. There is poetry everywhere in life, If one has the time to spare, every window has a story to tell, and blogging provides me with this very chance to put my thoughts online and share with the world.

Blogging opens new avenues. There are so many blogs and each one is an opportunity to read and learn, and develop new interests. Blogging allows me to keep a list of my links, my collection of interesting information, new web sites, and links for my ready reference and frequent use.

Blogging helps in knowledge sharing, provides learning opportunities, and a chance to experiment in writing and thinking.
Above all, blogging gives me the opportunity to write whenever I want to, and to share it with the world instantly.

Blogging and my knowledge of SEO allows me to say, "My life is online with all its joys, sorrows, happiness, frustrations, angst, successes, romances, victories, and failures - what more do you want?"

Search for chirayu on google, and I invite you to let my life become a part of your world, in whichever small way you deem fit. Some may read daily, others once a week, and others only to read about my failures. And, I accept all that.

The essence of writing an online diary is in being truthful and writing for oneself, and not for the comments, although they are always welcome, whether good or bad. I don't mind being told, I'm wrong. But don't tell me I'm wrong and stop. Show me the right way to do it, let me stumble along the way, and let me learn on my own.

Writing makes me forget about the sense of time, about the heat or the cold, and about the noise or emptiness.
Writing is my escape to myself. I am myself when I write for myself. Blogging makes me happy.

I like to write. Blogging makes me happy and I want to be happy, that's it.

Love me or hate me, you won't be able to ignore me.

I, being poor, have only my dreams
Tread softly for you tread on my dreams

~ A beautiful line from 'He wishes for the cloths of heaven' by W.B. Yeats.

My way of working isn't the same as yours, and your way of working isn't the same as mine, however we both are in search of our destinies, and I respect you for that.
~ From Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist'