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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

An Obituary: Limkar Uncle

Category: Personal

Limkar Uncle (he was my landlord in Hyderabad), passed away on the 26th of November, due to a massive heart-attack in London.

An Obituary

Heaven would be a happier place with you Limkar Uncle.
I remembered those holiday afternoons that we'd spent discussing cricket and politics, and your kind gesture of always keeping the newspaper at my door, after you'd read it. And the time I took you to the Pedammagudi temple to eat idli and you took me inside the temple, one of the few times I've been inside a temple. And the dinner that you'd cooked and shared when I came late from office, and how can I forget new year's eve 2003, when Achal, you, and I had dinner together, and the blessings you gave on Holi, and your telling us, "don't bend in front of me, I may be elder but I'm like your friend," and the encouragement that you gave me and all the kind words you had for me, and the photographs that we took with you sitting in your favourite hanging chair—I still have those with me; and a hundred other incidents that brought your warm, encouraging, and friendly nature to my mind.
May your soul rest in peace, Limkar Uncle. May you enjoy in heaven the fruits of your good deeds on earth, and may the brightness of a hundred moons, and the shine of a thousand stars illuminate and protect your soul.

Death puts things in perspective. Whether you earn a thousand, a million, or a billion - in any currency; in the end, either you're burnt or you're buried. We have one life to live, and as per Hindu Philosophy it (a life as a human) comes once in a thousand or more births, so why not live it to the fullest.