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Saturday, December 04, 2004

How to bypass Websense

Category: Misc. Research on the net.

How to bypass Websense and other content filtering softwares.

I did some research last night and this evening on bypassing the Websense content filtering software.

  1. Using anonymous surfing web sites like Proxify, Anonymizer, Guardster, Snoopblocker, Proxyweb, Pure Privacy, Silentsurf, Megaproxy etc. doesn't work.

  2. Url conversion from decimal to binary and back to decimal doesn't work.
    (Example: Ping - Get the IP address - Convert decimals to binary - make a string of the binary nos. and convert it to a decimal no. and use that as http://yournumberhere).

  3. nslookup and then conversion from decimal to octal form.
    Haven't tried this.
    (Change from decimal to octal with a scientific calculator. Type calc from the run prompt. View-Scientific).

  4. Adding a period at the end ('.') of the blocked web site.
    Haven't tried this.
    (For example, http://www.yourblockedwebsite.com.)

  5. Hope this works! The Circumventor program to bypass any content filtering software, anywhere in the world.
    Check the abovementioned link and follow the directions.

  6. Use the circumventor program to bypass Websense.
    a.) For example, if you're in a country where web sites are censored, and you want to access a *Free Web*, not the censored one provided by your government.
    b.) At work if you need to access a site, and it is blocked.
    (Read news, check the cricket scores etc).

    a.) You need a 24*7 computer with broadband access wherein you may install this program.
    b.) Install it on a computer that has a static (unchanging) IP address, then a temporary disconnection won't matter.
    c.) You install this on someone's computer (not your blocked computer), that person sends you the new url string and you use that on your computer to bypass the blocked sites.
    (An example, If you're in country 'x' where web sites are filtered, someone having a 24*7 broadband Internet connection in country 'y' should install the circumventor program, and send you the new links, which you can surf bypassing the content filtering software).

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You know a thing yourself
Or you know where to find information about it
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