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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Link: What's your Personality Cocktail?

Category: Misc. Net surfing

Found an entertaining link.

What's your Personality Cocktail from go-quiz.

What type of a drink would your name be? Check the above link. It is entertaining. The results vary from uppercase to lowercase.
For example, chirayu and Chirayu.

Do you agree with your name's cocktail? I didn't 100%.
I would have liked 2 parts of courage, a part of brilliance, 2 parts of intelligence, 3 parts of friendliness, and a part of empathy; mixed with wisdom and a dash of instinct that is topped with craziness, emotion, and love. :-)

Haven't you heard people asking, "What's your poison?" in parties.

My answer is

Kaun kambakth peeta hai nasha chadhaane ke liye
Hum to peete hai zindagi ka nasha utarnee ke liye

A somewhat inaccurate English translation would be-

Who drinks to get high on life
I drink to get low from the high of life

Have a nice weekend.