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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


One for the road.

- The Diwali lighting in Surat is fabulous. Why don't they do that in Pune? Major commercial buildings are all covered with bright lights. The long flyover from Surat station is decorated, the entire city seems to be clothed in bright lights.

- There are more flyovers in Surat than in Pune.

- The roads are in surprisingly good condition even after those floods in August this year.

- Surat has bigger and better roads than Pune. Can't help, but compare.
What are our politicians doing? Granted that Surat is a rich municipal corporation with textile, diamond, and chemical industries; but still the administration is doing work. I've not seen public lighting in Pune in Diwali, except at Shaniwarwada.

- Why does Pune's infrastructure suck? Will Pune ever have good roads? Leave Hyderabad or Bombay, even Surat has better infrastructure than Pune.