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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Personal: Nice Quote: Roots and Wings


I'm going to follow this quote for my children.

There are two things we must give our children.
One is Roots, and the other is Wings

I've taken most of my life's decisions. However, strange and ironic but I'm going to leave the decision of marriage to parents. I'm going to meet girls and get engaged by the end of August and get married by the year-end. Arranged marriage is good and it's always difficult to understand girls and I don't think I'll fall in love (again). There was a time I was in love or was I? No point in analyzing emotions so let's cut that.

There's a nice saying that goes as Between a woman's Yes and a woman's No there's not a place for a pin to go! Haan bole to Naa aur Naa bole to Haan! :-)


Some examples:

I know how to pamper women. Spending money on others is something that's easy for me because money is just a number in the bank, nothing more, nothing less.

"You didn't compliment me on my red and white salwar-kameez, and why did you compliment me on my green and yellow salwar-kameez." "You got me a ring, why didn't you get me a necklace?" "What's so special that you say I'm looking beautiful?" "Why don't you say I'm looking good?" "I don't want to go out doesn't mean I don't want to go out, it means I don't want to take a walk."


If I have the money, I'll go to Brazil for my Honeymoon. That's some bank balance that I'll require. However, I'm not worried about money and somehow it doesn't make me happy. Spending money on others makes me happy, but the salary that comes at the end of the month is just an SMS with 'x' amount deposited, that's it. And I know with the skills I have and the pace I set for myself money will never be something that I'll have to run after. It will always come.

Passion always comes first for me. Be passionate and things happen.

That reminds me of another quote. I'm good at quotes, and even with numbers.

If you can kiss and drive safely you're not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Moral of the story—There's nothing easy or difficult. Passion and Concentration achieve a lot.