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Monday, May 09, 2005


I'm bored. Like a truant school-boy I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I know I will go, but this is a thought and let me write it.

I'll join a bigger company. Or maybe become a school teacher and earn Rs. 4-5K per month. Simple. Teach kids. Be happy. I can do search marketing work as per EST and make up for the 75% salary cut that I'll have to bear if I work as a teacher. Nothing pays like software, and I'll take the most monetarily (used an adverb, that's bad!) foolhardy decision if I become a school teacher.

Everyone goes to work in the morning and comes back home at night.
Some place you change the world, at others it's the salary at the end of the month, at some more it is the location and name.

I've got to live my dreams.

- I want to run a marathon. The entire 42.6 kms. It is not impossible.
- I want to write a screenplay

I helped a co-worker send 16K emails today. ("Boss you're too fast for this place. What are you doing here?" he said. Yes, maan what am I doing here?)
Some marketing plan they wanted to implement. The success rate is going to be 5% and from that we can expect about two to five sales of a $5K product.

I know better marketing plans, but why should I tell, if they want me to do all that in the same salary. I'll do as per their way of email marketing.

Use RSS maan. Syndicate your PR, start an official company blog and syndicate it, syndicate your Web site content, take your product to the market, make the market read about your product. Spend $80 to send your press release through PRWeb.com
If users don't come to you, you go to the users.

Targeted email marketing still works, but finding email addresses is a time consuming task, and random email addresses from the public domain will get daemon mailers 80% of the time.