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Monday, May 09, 2005

Draft: Generic Product Intro

Draft of a generic product introduction.
Replace the alphabets with your company's name, clients, and industries

ABC solutions helps companies to increase revenue, cut costs, improve quality, adopt best practices, ensure compliance, and drive change and bring innovation that impacts the bottom line.

With a wide range of enterprise solutions and focused implementations, ABC helps companies use products to their advantage and get the most out of them. ABC shows a proven track record of success and innovation at more than 'n' number of global companies. ABC's Solutions provide complete support for strategic business processes and fulfill* requirements of complex enterprises.

SMBs including a, b, c, d, and Fortune 500 companies like p, q, r, and s are among our customers in the w, x, y, and zee industries. They have obtained results that led to strong growth through the use of our solutions.

Read these case studies (link here), download these PDFs (link here) and presentations (link here), and learn more (link here to FAQs) about how ABC Solutions can change your business. We encourage you to join us as a preferred business associate (link to form).

Try this for your company. See if this draft fits.

Note: fulfill is American. fulfil is British.