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Thursday, April 14, 2005

To Read: Overture PPC

It drizzled for sometime this evening. I've opened a window. View from my third floor office room. Bank of Maharashtra's old building, the sound of two-wheelers on FC road, neem trees swaying in the breeze, the Anjor furniture hoarding looking bright after the rains, white on green signboards have had a makeover and look sharp and shiny with a rainwater wash. It's twilight the tip of eucalyptus trees touch the overcast sky, a cool breeze is blowing, wow, I can feel the wind on my face. This is cool. The wind on my face, work to do, and things to learn. I want this daily. Half-light, half-shade the evening turns to night.

Now to what I've got to read.

- Overture Advertiser Center

- Links to PDFs. To download and read.
Overture Advertiser Workbook

- Overture Tutorials

- Overture Listing Guidelines

- Overture FAQs