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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Y!Q Search

Yahoo! Contextual Search and thoughts on related (contextual - AdSense type) text ads that may show up with Y!Q search results in the near future.

Hope Yahoo! has plans of adding Advertising Text links with Y!Q Search.

Y!Q can provide almost 100% relevant contextual ads with the 'p', and 'siteContext' features.

For example, I write a review on Dan Brown's latest novel and then in the input name of Y!Q Form I write input type="hidden" name="p" value="Books written by Dan Brown" and/or input type="hidden" name="siteContext" value="Dan Brown Book Reviews"

This will get an almost exact set of search results related to the context of the Web page, which in turn will generate more clickthroughs and benefits for Yahoo!, the advertiser, and the ad displayer.

Here's wishing the team at Yahoo! good luck in their experiments on Ads with Contextual Search.

All the best.


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