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Thursday, April 07, 2005

What's New at Google?

With Google it's always 'Breaking News' in Search.
Make it fast. Make it simple. Make it work.

- Google to experiment with Video Blogging.

- Google reduces price and increases capacity of its Mini search appliance for small and medium businesses.

- Google adds Satellite images to Google Maps. Select the Satellite link on the top right corner of Google Maps.

Take a tour of Google Maps.

- Google shows multilingual results for definitions search.
For example, define:CSS

- Google RideFinder (http://labs.google.com/ridefinder) finds taxi and shuttle locations in select US cities.

I'm experimenting with Yahoo!'s contextual search.
The above link that shows More Google News is from Yahoo!'s site specific contextual search.

<!-- ***** Start Y!Q Site Specific Search Input ***** -->
<input type="hidden" name="siteRestriction" value="news.google.com news.yahoo.com www.battellemedia.com www.searchenginejournal.com www.searchenginewatch.com">
<!-- ***** End Y!Q Site Specific Search Input ***** -->

Add Yahoo! Contextual Search on your Web page.

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