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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Accoona - A new search engine and Google's Phonebook search

Category: Professional

Accoona, a new search engine based on AI.

They have a business profiles search option. It didn't show many relevant results, but it can be a competitor with Google's phonebook and local search.

Links to add your site to Accoona's web search and business profile index.

The concept of the name is good. The name 'Accoona' is taken from the Swahili (a language spoken in central and east Africa, predominantly in Kenya and Tanzania, how do I know it, I was good at Geography in school - I still am, and I searched on google) term "Hakuna Matata" which means "No Worries". For those of you who've seen The Lion King, you'd identify with this word.

From a usability perspective, the name is difficult to remember. 90% would spell it wrong. Got to remember 2 c's and 2 o's. They should register related names like accona, acoona, acuna, accuna etc. so that traffic doesn't go to a 404 or to some other site.

The concept of Business Profiles is good. How does it match up to Google remains to be seen. The search results were nothing spectacular, but it's a good start, and they have their dreams to reach. Good luck to them.

Google's phonebook search is amazing.

Business addresses - bphonebook:
Residential addresses - rphonebook:
General Phonebook search - phonebook:

bphonebook:Google CA
rphonebook: James Jackson MO
(This is a random name FYI - for an example)
phonebook:The New York Times NY

Note: Be sure to give the name of the state. Works only for America. Haven't tried for Canada. Doesn't work for India.

If you search for your name and find it, don't be surprised, there's a link to remove your phonebook listing, if you don't want it.