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Friday, November 26, 2004

Poem: The mind sets off on a trail of its own

Category: Personal

My mind was bombarded by Queen's Another one bites the dust in the afternoon. I am not in the mood for any more Bohemian Rhapsodies.

A poem in the evening.
It's the onset of winter and it gets dark by 6:00.

Wrote this-
As the sun sets, darkness descends, and the birds fly home
The mind sets off on a trail of its own

A path untrodden, an avenue unexplored
The thoughts swirl and its whoosh echoes
Bouncing of the mind straight into oblivion

A smile to show the world
A turbulence within
I am fine and hope you too are
Small talk that belies the discomfort beneath those saccharine words

Emotions need an outlet
Ability needs encouragement
Potential needs a mentor
And energies need to be challenged

I need a shoulder for a hug
A pat on the back
A good luck wish
And a challenge to take on the world!
Can someone give me that?

Another week gone
I'm not looking forward to the weekend
Time is flying by the hour
And the days are long and weary

My life on the net doesn't need me
I need to pack my bags and find my way
To pass those 12 hours of my life from 8 to 8
To earn a living and get a life!
~ Chirayu