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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I am ready to learn, I don't like being taught.

Category: Personal

A beautiful thought

Personally, I'm always ready to learn,
although I do not always like being taught.
~ Sir Winston Churchill

Note: I've marked this as a Personal post and not a Misc. one.

I can identify with this saying.
I like to learn. I like to learn and explore on my own.
I don't like being taught. Tell me what to do and let me find out how to do it, on my own.

I've a good chance with a telecom major. Let's see.
There's also an opportunity with a small Bangalore based writing company.
I have fond memories of Bangalore. I would love to go to Bangalore once again.
Relocation and all no worries for me.
Three jeans, four shirts and I'm happy! :-)

Regarding the ID opening those guys are so slow, they haven't informed me about the date of the interview. Now, if it comes, I won't be interested. The last time too, I had been there for the test and interview, and they didn't send me the offer letter, it wasn't ready and then I joined my ex-company. Why is HR so useless? I've never had a positive experience with the HR dept., and this comes from someone who always looks at the brigher side of life.

HR is a redundant department, as they don't understand the value of a 'resource'. What can they do? They are burdened with a hundred plus applications a day.

Read Krishnamurthi. Enlightening. Although abstract and sometimes difficult to understand and agree to. Whatever freedom one yearns for it is always from something or for something. Freedom from fear, from social customs, for money, for ambition etc. Unless one detaches the mind from the from and for of freedom, one won't be able to achieve freedom.

This was heavy stuff. Couldn't agree with it. Although it makes for interesting reading. J. Krishnamurti On Freedom.