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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A google whack. 404 messages and a joke.

Category: Misc

Wow! I found a Google Whack. Two words that give a single search result on Google. Pythagorically Amazon. Clicking on the link gives a 404 error. Check the cached link to access the page.
What is of my use is found search results 1-1 of 1.
Cool, isn't it! :-)

Q: What would be Pythagorically Amazon?
A: A geometry theorem that is very lengthy.
This goes in my database of original ones. :-)

We used to say Tangent in college for lectures bouncing off without making an impression.

Talking about 404 – here are some examples of 404.

The work I do makes my mind 404.
May I speak to xyzee? No, he is 404 at his desk.
His brain is always 404 in meetings.
On a cell phone - You have reached a 404. This number is not found.
During a presentation – how many say yes, how many say no, and how many are 404?
All these go in my database of original ones :-)

Reminds me of a joke.

Santa Singh and Banta Singh have had enough of cell phones. They decide to revert to the age-old tradition of communicating through pigeons. Santa sends messages to Banta and Banta replies back. The pigeon carries the messages to and fro.
Once Santa sends the pigeon to Banta without a message.
"Oye Santa, why did you send the pigeon without a message?" Banta said.
"Oye Khotte, that was a missed call," Santa replied!