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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Yahoo and Google Search

Category: Professional.

On Google and Yahoo Search:

Yahoo is catching up with Google in search. They have partnered with Adobe to integrate Yahoo search in Acrobat Reader. The search engine industry is coming to the desktop. It already has. Have you tried Google's Desktop search? It is cool. The race is between Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to take search to the desktop.

How do you guys feel the difference between Yahoo and Google?
Yahoo's search results are getting better by the day. Google is still ahead and will be, but now it has the expectation of delivering quarter on quarter. Yahoo has always done that. What's GOOG trading at on Nasdaq? It is at $190. It opened at $85 in the third week of Aug.

The other search engines to watch out for are Amazon's A9, Exalead, Vivisimo, and Kozoru.

Amazon's A9 has a neat user interface. They've a nice display page. It is cool, soothing, and looks good.