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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Cricket updates tomorrow

Category: Personal

For all those who visit my blog for cricket updates. I will be posting online after tomorrow's play. We are not allowed access to news, media, sports, and entertainment sites from office. Plus I had a conference call and then went out for a team dinner, so reached home by 10:30. I haven't seen the highlights. I'll be posting about cricket by tomorrow evening, after the end of the third day's play.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

A surprising thing is Laxman's continuing bad form. Shane Warne has taken his wicket for the 4th consecutive time. What is happening to our batting line-up? Parthiv Patel is batting well, however that won't be enough for him to keep his place in the team, after the wicket-keeping errors in the first innings.

Team Dinner: Went to Prem's at Koregaon Park for a team dinner. We are a part of the team, although we are in another project. It was Sonia and Keerat's birthday treat. Prem's is a nice place for a candle-light dinner with your gal. However, I would not suggest it for an office party. The food was alright, nothing special.

Dropped Sonia home, and she paid me a compliment, I would take it as one.
"You are a very steady driver." I answered, this is the first time I'm going at a speed of 30 :-) on an open road, at night! Otherwise, even guys tell me to drive slowly! :-)
Her baby was sleeping, and the roads are full of pot-holes, so I had to drive slowly.

Cricket updates by tomorrow evening. Bye for now.

A general thought.

I'm never at a loss of words, writing comes naturally to me, however—sometimes, at the end of the day— I feel, come on, I can't write 5 paragraphs about a kitchen appliance :-(
(Maybe this was too honest :-) I shouldn't be posting this, but, I know—I will).

Meri zindagi mai 'Raftaar' nahin hai yaar!

I don't want to get married and settle down. I need a beautiful girl to go out with. Someone who appreciates nature, poetry, music, sports, someone who is bindaas, fast, and speaks good Hindi, yes, really good Hindi!
No, this is not a matrimony advertisement. Enough for now, or I'll go on. :-)

Good night.