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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Link: Cricket Blog - 23 Yards on Cricinfo

Category: Misc. Cricket.

Link: Amit Varma's Cricket Blog on Cricinfo.
It makes for very good reading.

I like to read and visualize about cricket.
You have to visualize the play in your mind when you're reading about cricket, and good writing brings that out.

I haven't seen the highlights of the 4th day's play. We lost badly. It is a game afterall and we were outplayed. However, that doesn't mean our team is bad. We will perform in the final test, atleast a good batting performance will give a fighting finish to the series.

The trend in the last three test matches has been that our tail performs and the top-order to fails. Now, it's time for our top-order to play, come on, atleast once, to show the Aussies the might of our batting.