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Monday, October 25, 2004

Thoughts - Personal and at Work

Category: Personal

Thoughts - General, Personal, and at Work.

My mind is a whirlpool of ideas.
I remember Ngn's words.
"You need to be in the IIMs. You need that kind of an intellectual massage!"
(Thinking about this always makes me smile :-))

(In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities).
A thought on that later.
Come on, I've already written about it. I haven't put it online.
Sometimes, I feel there's more 'exciting' and 'interesting' information in the drafts that I have saved than in my posts online.

I have noticed this. I am at my best when I'm explaining things to people. I can't be a brick in the wall. If I say something, I want it to be heard aloud.

I need to be serious about work. That's what gets the paycheck at the end of the month. This afternoon, I took an extended lunch break to meet Nilesh. I went out for lunch with him. Met him after a long time. He is my school-mate and college friend.

It was a one-off incident and no one noticed it, however, I need to be careful and present an obedient attitude. People like guys who obey, not those who counter-question.

The net connection in office is sometimes up, sometimes down.
That's what makes the going slow.
Although, at work, I would say, it is
Kabhi neem neem, kabhi shahed shahed.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad!

A thought about myself.

Nothing is impossible, I have to try, that's it!
That's the kind of an attitude I'll project at work.
My 70% will be enough for the project to succeed.

I've never given 100%. I never will, unless it is for myself.
When I work for myself, I work for free! :-)

My strength is my speed.
My weakness is my attention span.
Bahut jaldi koi bhi baat se man uth jaata hai.

Anand used to tell me in Bangalore.
Please don't be sad, it shows on your face, and you're the kind of a person who generates energy and makes people happy when you're happy. You don't look good when you're unhappy. Always smile and the world will smile with you.

I guess, it does. Emotions show on my face very easily.
I can't smile if I'm sad.
Maybe, apne mai duniyadaari nahin hai

I've noticed this.
I'm a good leader and I'm good when I work individually.
When people give a lot of guidelines, it somehow dulls my enthusiasm.
Not exactly in a pessimistic way. It's just that I'm the kind of a person who likes to find things on my own rather that get the information from someone.

An ideal workplace for me would be,
Give me work-set a deadline, and leave me alone.
(And that would be possible only when I'm working for myself)

My dream company is Google and one day I'm going to get there.
Not in marketing—in search.

Thoughts on a Monday evening.
Came back from work.

We have three conference calls a week, and we're having the calls from our cubicle itself. Three people adjusting to a speaker phone, plus taking notes, it is uncomfortable. They should atleast arrange for calls from the Conference room, so that we'd be more comfortable and that would help in taking notes too.

Yes, this is a personal post after a longtime, especially for those who've been following my diary for the last couple of months.

I wasn't writing a lot of personal stuff. Not much happening, that's why.

I feel like blogging tonight.

Weekend diary.
Bought a double door, 285 litres Whirlpool refrigerator. Or should I say gifted it to mom.
Also bought a Samsung DVD player. However our television set doesn't have the necessary ports, so I've to buy a converter to setup the DVD player. Decided on the wardrobe for our bedroom. The carpenter has already started work.

My salary for the month is over. It's good. I'm not a save for a rainy day kind of person.
My attitude is, the more you give the more you get.
Paisa to aaj hai, kal nai hai, parsaun vapas hai! :-)
I like it when my bank balance is almost next to nothing at the end of the month.

This post is going along. Mom's calling me for dinner. I got to go.

Before that. I'm planning to go to Bombay over the weekend.
I want to visit Haji Ali. Nothing religious. Just want to visit Haji Ali.

Let me write about my favourite place in Bombay.

I'd been to Bombay two years ago. Whenever I go to Bombay, I always take a walk along the sea-front, right from Charni road or is it Grant Road bridge, the one near Wilson college and then walk along the sea-front till the parapet of Nariman point.
On the way, start off with an 'Energee' at the stall under the bridge, then ground-nuts, then walk along the sea-front, the wind on my face, I envy the guys n'gals sitting hand-in-hand facing the sea— oblivious to the sea of cars passing by, the hawkers selling Sheng-chana, the Bhuttawalas and the kids on cycles selling tea.
Bombay is my kind of a city. Fast and straight-forward.
After one year, I'll try for Bombay (after one year).

Alright, enough for now. I gtg.


PS: A quick note. The best way to put a post online is to write it and immediately post it. I have felt that if I re-read my posts, then I feel would this be right for me to post, and sometimes I don't do it. :-)

Note added: 19th December 2004, Sunday, 04:30 pm IST.
To think about it, this is the post, which cost me my job. Haha
On hindsight nothing matters.