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Thursday, July 15, 2004

A Lovely Poem with its Hindi translation.

A lovely paragraph from 'He gives His Beloved Certain Rhymes' by
W.B. Yeats.

You need but lift a pearl-pale hand,
And bind up your long hair and sigh;
And all men’s hearts must burn and beat;
And candle-like foam on the dim sand,
And stars climbing the dew-dropping sky,
Live but to light your passing feet.

The last three lines are amazing!

A Hindi translation of the above.

Tum sirf apne moti bhare haaton ko uthaao
Aur apne gesuon ko baandh kar ek aah bhar lo
Usise Deewaano ke dil jalenge aur dhadkenge;
Aur mooam jaise jhaag is andheri ret par
Aur taare jo chad rahe hai shabnam jaise aasmaan par,
Jeete hai bas tumhaare pairo tale ujaala bikharne

I've done a good job of the translation, wow! :-)
Sounds poetic, doesn't it!

This is what I'm doing in office. Translating an 1899 poem from English to Hindi! :-)