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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Vardan writes a lot about insects on his blog. He has written about cockroaches. His latest post is about red ants. Before that he had written about animals and also about lizards. So a post on flying cockroaches on this blog.

Each evening there are a couple of flying cockroaches in the bathroom. I have various way of kiiling them.
1. Flush them.
2. Kill them with a broom, make sure to do that with one stroke, or else they're a menace!
3. If you feel pity on those 'cataclysm' defying creatures (this is a wrong way of writing, I shouldn't be using such difficult words, writing has to be simple brother!), btw, cataclysm is end-of-the-world; then take them in a paper and throw them outside and hope they may not come back again!

Btw, have you ever tried holding a lizard, I have, a garden lizard, a long and dead one! :-)
Although, that was a long time back! Not here, in Hyderabad.

Lizards are omnipresent (again, use a simple word, instead of a diffcult one), ever-present, in the bathroom. They do their work and I do mine. So no problems with them.

This is the rainy season so there are bound to be insects. It's a hilly area, on the ground floor, almost basement like.
I let the creatures be at peace as long as they let me.

Btw, for the last three days, I haven't taken a bath. Nothing to do with insects. I'm down with a cold and I'm getting drenched in the rains for the last four days. Why can't I buy a jacket? I like the wind on my face! :-) So get a cold then!
I'm wearing the same shirt too, for the last two or is it three days. Btw, I have a denim jacket on top!