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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Times of India is not a national newspaper, it is a tabloid, in the true sense.

A sample of newslinks on it's homepage.
Britney Spears, Julie, The S-Curve and what not.

Good they don't give these in their offline, paper edition.

There are two ways of looking at it.


1. You say you don't like it, still what are you reading, mentioning, talking about, the ToI right and not The Hindu, isn't it. Sex sells. Glamour sells and what's wrong in inducing people to read the content on your site. In an online medium, with a short timespan per page, some incentives are required and the very fact that so many people access the ToI and there are lots of banner advts. on the ToI web site, proves that this is the way marketing is done on the net and if you have sex, sleaze, glamour and entertainment, it sells!

A counter-point.

2. A newspaper is a newspaper. Whether it is online or offline. If there is good content people will read. You don't need to put the sex-life of Britney Spears on your frontpage to attract people. Those who want to read and are interested in reading will definitely come to the ToI, irrespective of whether a bodacious babe graces the top right hand corner (like Janet Jackson did yesterday) or doesn't!

Now these are two points. what's my take. I go with the first version and I read the TOI as a tabloid. :-)
I read TheHindu as a newspaper.