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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Did you know that there are 307 sites that use the ODP (Open Directory Project) http://www.dmoz.org/ data in various forms.

One among them is the Google Web Directory. Also, check the list of 307 sites that use ODP (DMOZ) data in some form or the other.

What is the difference between a Web Directory and a Search Engine?

A simple explanation.

A web directory is a category-wise, hierarchical listing of web sites, compiled by humans.
A search engine relies on an algorithm/s to display results.

What do I prefer? I prefer Google, nothing else. Google search.

Whatever I've learnt, am learning on the net is through Google!

A post on that later. Google & I. :-)

What is the difference between Popular and Famous.

Popular is known to all and also 'liked' by all/ almost all.
Famous is known to all/almost all.

I have this habit of getting into the Instructional mode, too often. Giving examples, meanings, explanations.
I suppose I should write, that's it. Then, this is the way, I like to write, in an instructional way.

An office incident.

Chirayu, You don't have to describe the 'Continue' button. Laypersons won't be using our product.

I had written,
"Please click here (on the Continue button in gray) to go to the next page. Clicking on the forward button in your browser or the back button of your browser won't take you to the place where you'd be required to be!"

It's a joke. I'd written the first sentence.


Have a Nice Evening!