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Friday, July 16, 2004

Hyderabad in the rains

Hyderabad in the rains.

1. I can be poetic, romantic, and descriptive.
2. I can be pessimistic, verbose, and trite.

I'll write both ways.

1. Hyderabad in the rains is about

A walk along the lush-green surroundings of KBR Park. Those flowers in their various shades; an urban yellow, a shy pink, a sweet purple, a radiant red and a jubilant violet. Each drop of water that falls from those shining leaves and settles on my palm, reminds me of a smooth, soft, sweet kiss from someone far away yet so near in my heart. The glow of light in those puddles of water near a street-light, forming a hundred myriad designs, each one showing the face of my beloved smiling at me. Standing in the 'verandah' after a spell of rain, taking a short walk, a cool breeze blowing, the sound of leaves rustling under an overcast sky, birds flying back home with their chattering, a strange blue bird, is it a Mynah sitting near the window-porch, a perfect opportunity for a beautiful picture, let me take it right away. Rains are great. A cup of hot tea and stuffed parathas with a novel tucked by the bedside and Pink Floyd playing. I love it, when it rains. A perfect setting to spend a lazy evening on a weekend.

2. Hyderabad in the rains is about

Traffic-jams, water-logging, power shut-downs, more traffic-jams, and street-lights not working. Why does it rain only in the morning and late in the evening? Does rain go to office in Hyderabad. Daily it drizzles at 9 in the morning and each evening it is drizzling from 6:30 onwards. Can't it rain in the afternoons? Hyderabad is a city of traffic-jams and in the rains it is worse. Why can't the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad authorities do something about it. The best way is to buy a car, keep a driver and relax in the rains. When will I buy a car? I hate these rains. Can't even sleep at night, without the fan and so many mosquitoes around. And it isn't even raining! It has to rain, only in the mornings! I know it's going to rain over the week-end. I'll have to sit at home.

Who are you? First or second. I wish I could be a type '1' person, I'm not. Neither am I a type '2' person.

It rains, let it.

I like the outdoors in the rains, especially, trekking; visiting forts, going for a long bike ride, travelling to the country-side.