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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Yesterday I had posted that I want to work in Bombay. I have received a call for an interview from Bombay, God reads my Blog :-) and now, I'm thinking about whether to take the test/appear for an interview or not. Yeh Kya baat hui?

And the reasons.

1.) Last evening, I had a chat with our technical architect. He mentioned that there is going to be a lot of work for me. There is, in a way, but it's very boring, more of data cleaning, rearranging, formatting etc; nothing to do with writing a lot! So, I
suppose, I should or I 'want' to do it.

2.) I'm so comfortable here. Go to office in the morning, come back home, do some work, if at all, get the salary at the end of the month, feel unhappy, still continue!

3.) Now, after a longtime, I've a chance of good company on weekends.

4.) Hyderabad is a nice place. I have my bike. I like the city.

All these are big bahanas (excuses) :-)

The first thing I should do is give a call or mail the HR executive in Bombay and tell her that I'm interested and I can come down to Bombay for a day or so for the interview. This is an opportunity and I should grab it!

I'm good at finding the pros and cons and I'm very bad at taking a rational decision, because I always go with my heart and that's a spur of the moment decision.

So ultimately, it's, Mann kiya to jaaunga! Interview dene mai kya harz hai, or is the fear of rejection, since when and too Chirayu!, aur yeh koi ladki dekhne thodi naa jaana hai! :-)

Sometimes, I think, I've become too conservative in my thinking. Almost a year in one city and I'm thinking of stability! One shouldn't! :-) Atleast, I shouldn't!

Enough of this 'magajmaari'. It is a Gujarati word, literally means, Brain-whacking!

I'll post about this 'interview' thing later. After I'm done with it.

For now, I'm planning to take the test/appear for an interview.
No, not yet, decided! :-) :-( Kabhi haa, kabhi naa!