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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Humour in Life. Humour in Hyderabad!
A Hyderabad Incident. This happened almost two years ago (Aug. 2002). Once again, what to do, I'm good with names, numbers and dates. Find it difficult to forget! ;-)

We went to Ramakrishna theatre for the evening show of 'Chhal'.
Ramakrishna Theatre has two screens. Devdas was the other movie on show. The Black-marketers were busy with "Devdas Honaa, Devdas Honaa." Honaa in Hyderabadi Hindi is chahiye (want). Honaa means 'to become' in Hindi.

The Black-marketer asked me, "Devdas Honaa... Devdas Honaaa.."
I replied, "Bhai, Payle (pehle) pyaar mai to padne de, aur woh bhi do-do ke, yahan ek nahin milti, baadme Devdas honeka sochenge!"

"First let me fall in love, and that too with two girls, here it's difficult to find even one, then I'll think of becoming Devdas!"

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