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Monday, October 09, 2006

What's an article or a blog post on the Internet without a hyperlink?

Writing an article or a blog post on the Internet and not linking to Web sites mentioned in it is like writing a Restaurant review in a newspaper and not providing the address of the place to visit. Most Indian newspapers on the Internet follow this anomaly of not linking to Web sites they mention in their articles.

View an example here. This is an article from Mumbai-based newspaper DNAIndia where they've mentioned about blogs popular in the Indian blogosphere but haven't linked to any of them to enable readers to view those sites.

Each hyperlink provides an identity on the Internet, and would you meet people in real life (IRL) and not know their names? Knowledge shared is knowledge gained and what use is an idea or a thought that remains in isolation? We may as well let it out to mingle with a hundred other minds and ideas and let it find its destiny, which may or may not be the path that we've set for it. That's the beauty of cyberspace, isn't it?

A Thought For Today

You affect the world by what you browse.
~ Tim Berners-Lee

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Never miss an opportunity to add a hyperlink to a write-up, a newspaper article, or a blog post on the World Wide Web.