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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Preloadr edits photos on Flickr

Preloadr is an image editing Web site for photos on Flickr.com. Visit Preloadr, login to your Flickr account from Preloadr.com and click the edit link at the bottom of the images that appear on the Web page. That's it. Start with basic editing or use the advanced tools to scale, move, or add text to photos.

Try Preloadr.com. It requires a Flickr login id. It requires a broadband Internet connection, and one that doesn't snap every ten minutes like BSNL DataOne is doing since the last one and a half month. I'm trying to edit a photo by using Filters and adding text, but the Internet connection is slow. More later.

Update: 12:52am

Here's an example of editing a Flickr image with Preloadr.

Chirayu says Hi - Flickr image edited with Preloadr