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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Mahanagari Mumbai, ek aisa shaher jise kabhi neend nahin aati, jo jaagte huye bhi sapne dekhta hai.

Mega metropolis Bombay, a city that never sleeps; that dreams even when awake.

Why kill innocents in the name of revenge and retribution?

The media may speak about the resilience of Bombay and how life is back on tracks after Tuesday evening's bomb blasts on rush hour Western line local trains, but there's tension in the air, and how many more deaths is the city going to see before the f*cked up politicians know the city is heading towards disaster with one calamity following another—rains, traffic jams, riots, bandhs, bomb blasts in local trains, uneasiness, anxiety, and fear of an unknown terrorist lurking somewhere amongst those anonymous millions hanging out of local trains in search of their bread, butter, Karma, and destiny.

If you've travelled by a Virar or Borivali fast at any time of day, let alone peak hours you will get a glimpse of what life in Bombay is—a struggle for survival, for a toehold on the footboard and fingerhold on the door.

Now imagine a rush hour Bombay local train filled with 450 people in a railcar, 5000 people in a 9-car rake; a mixture of sweat and deo in the air, their tired faces feeling the breeze, heading home after another day in 'paradise' only to meet an unexpected end with blood on the train tracks.

Is there a God, if there is He doesn't seem to care for this mega metropolis of 17 million individuals that are all in this together.

India would be a better place without religion and politicians. The world would be a better place without religion.

May God give Bombay and Bombayites, Mumbai and Mumbaikars, the strength and courage to fight all obstacles and come out of all battles unscathed.

I prefer the name Bombay in English. I prefer Mumbai in Marathi and Gujarati.