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Monday, June 26, 2006

Online Travel

Interview with Esteban Walther, Head of Travel—EMEA*, Google. Esteban Walther on advertising opportunities for the travel enterprise on Google search.

There isn't any mention of travel portal from Google.

A thought: Either Google acquires a meta travel search engine or integrates features from Local search, Maps, AdWords in 'n' languages, OneBox airfare search, Weather, Personalized search, and News to start a customized Google Travel Web site with single click OneBox searches for airfares and hotels.

It's a lucrative market and Google sure would be eyeing the advertising revenue from travel searches.

* EMEA: Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

- Have you tried Google's OneBox Airfare search?
Here's an example: Sao Paulo to Bombay

- Find global airfares with Mobissimo meta travel search engine.