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Monday, June 26, 2006


Reading poetry on a slow Monday afternoon. Even Sunday afternoon was slow. If the afternoons are slow, why am I not doing something to make them fast?

Khud apne liye baith ke sochenge kisi din
Yun hai ki tujhe bhuul ke dekhenge kisi din

Someday I will sit and think about myself
That is I will try to forget you someday

Bhatke hue phirte hain kai lafz jo dil main
Duniyaa ne diyaa vaqt to likhenge kisi din

These wandering words that are roaming my heart
If the world gives time, I will write them someday
~ Read Urdu Poetry

Ajnabi jaanke guzre to koi baat na thi
Par tum jaankar bhi kyun anjaan rehna chahte ho?

It doesn't matter if you pass as a stranger like any other
But why are you aloof and unknown even when you know me?