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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Image Editing: Give Images a Sepia Look

Give your images a 1940s, reddish brown (sepia), look with Adobe Photoshop.

1. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop.

Colour photograph of a lake

2. Choose Image -> Mode -> Grayscale

Click OK in the Discard Color Information window to convert the colour photo to a black and white image.

Grayscale image of lake

3. Choose Image -> Mode -> Duotone

In the Duotone Options window:

- Select Duotone from the Type dropdown box
- Click the box to the right of Ink1
- Choose an orangish colour from the Color Picker and click OK
- Name Ink1 as Orange
- Click the box to the right of Ink2

- Click Picker button on the right of the Custom Colors window

Choose Picker from the Custom Colors window

- Choose black colour from the Color Picker and click OK
- Name Ink2 as Black
- Click OK in the Duotone options window

Image -> Mode -> Duotone -> Duotone Options window

4. Choose Image -> Mode -> RGB Color

5. Choose Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation

- Drag the Saturation slider to the left
- Keep the saturation between -30 and -40
- Adjust saturation to give a reddish brown look to the image

Adjust saturation and make it negative between 30 and 40

6. Save the Sepia-coloured image.

Give an image a reddish brown, sepia, colour with Adobe Photoshop

Read Photoshop tips and tricks on PhotoshopSupport.

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Colours of Udita Goswami - Udita in pink, black and white, sepia, and a pencil sketch

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