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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google Notebook - Adds Notes, Saves Links; Improves Browsing

Download Google NotebookGoogle Notebook lets users add notes, links, and images while surfing the Internet.

- Save text links and images, add notes while surfing, save content from Web pages to Google Notebook

- Access saved links and information from any computer. All it requires is a Gmail id.

- Find saved links in your search results

It is a nifty tool, a post it notes plus textlinks and image saver that is readily available with a single-click without closing the browser window.

# See a Web site that you would like to browse later—add it to Google Notebook.

Adding a textlink to Google Notebook

# Found an image that you like and want to save the link—add it to Google Notebook.

Save images and image links to Google Notebook

# Want to pick content from a Web page and save for reference—add it to Google Notebook.

Adding a note in Google Notebook

Visit http://www.google.com/notebook to download Google Notebook application for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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