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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blogs at Google

This makes for an interesting quiz question—How many official blogs does Google have?

  1. Google Blog

  2. Google Talk Blog

  3. Google Video Blog

  4. Google Desktop Blog

  5. Google AdWords Blog

  6. Google AdSense Blog

  7. Google Reader Blog

  8. Blogger Buzz

  9. Google AdWords API Blog

  10. Google Maps API Blog

  11. Google Base Blog

  12. Google Book Search Blog

  13. Google Code Blog

  14. Google Enterprise Search Blog

  15. Google Research Blog

  16. Google Writely Blog

  17. Google Sitemaps Blog

  18. Google China Blog

  19. Google Japan Blog

  20. Google Korea Blog

  21. Google Italy Blog

  22. Google Mexico Blog

  23. Google AdSense Blog in German

Twenty-three official blogs and it's time for another one, what do you say Google—an official Google India blog considering it's popularity here. India searches for the keyword Google more than anywhere else in the world. View the 'Google' keyword trend.