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Friday, October 21, 2005


Random Musings

Not a friend to send an email to
What's happening in my life?

Can't wait to write poetry
It has to come on its own
A spur of the moment verse
Is better than one thought for hours

It's experience that brings out emotions
And emotion flows as poetry

Hoping for a gust of wind
To caress my face
While looking at the computer screen

Want to buy a new cell phone
What use is one
When no one calls or I don't call anyone
Let it be a 10K handset or a 20K one

Friday evening makes no difference
It's back to work tomorrow
Each day is same as the previous
What I need is a change.

The leafless branches of the neem tree
The dull glow of the halogen bulbs on the street
A few cars parked
Traffic flows home
Back again the same routine only on the opposite side the next morning.