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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


"Khali Bore Dopaher"
Empty boring afternoon.

Three crows on the wire
One dives to the empty branches of the neem tree
Another flies off
Three more looking in different directions
At peace with themselves

They don't have to worry about an empty boring afternoon.
The sky hasn't decided whether to laugh or make the leaves dance.
There's no breeze. Seems it is sleeping or out to lunch in some other part of the world.
Grey clouds overhead and clear skies in the distance.

Now there are three more. One intent crow strains its neck in search of a friend.
There....he flies. Seems like he has found one.

Calm and quiet, the afternoon rolls.

Oh zara rasta to do
Thoda sa badal chakhna hai

Bada bada koyle se
Naam phalak pe likhna hai...

Give me way
I want to taste the clouds

With pieces of charcoal
I want to write my name on the firmament

There are nine empty chairs in office. Seven guys have gone for better or worse in the last six months, one is absent, and one is on leave.