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Friday, October 14, 2005

Rules for posting Comments

Rules for posting Comments on my blog:

- Write your real name, if you feel comfortable, else provide your blogging identity or pseudonym.
- Provide your valid email address, if you're interested in an email conversation.
- Share your URL if you have one and would like to do so.
- It's easy to post anonymous comments, please refrain from doing so, as they may be deleted.
- Don't spam.
- Add value.
- Keep a give and take policy.
Takeway something from the post, and write a comment to add value to it.
- Don't abuse. Disagree with reasons. Be polite.
- Provide links, where necessary.
- Don't write a comment when angry, emotional, drunk, or frustrated.
The output would be different from what you meant to write.
- Click on the Submit button once and wait for the comment to appear.