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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search
What's New at Google? Google introduces Blog Search (Beta).

- http://blogsearch.google.com/ - Google-style interface
- http://search.blogger.com/ - Blogger-style interface

Note: Both the URLs show the same search results.
Posts can be searched by relevance or by date. Default blog search sorts results by relevance. Click on the Sort by Date link to see the latest blog posts first.

New Search Operators in Google Blog Search:

- inblogtitle: Searches for keywords in the Blog's title
For example: Find Blogs with these words in the Blog title
inblogtitle:Search Engines

- inposttitle: Searches for keywords in the Blog Post's title
For example: Find blogs with Google Quiz as the post title
inposttitle:Google Quiz

- inpostauthor: Searches by author name
For example: Find blogs written by John Battelle
inpostauthor:John Battelle
inpostauthor:chirayu (Results sorted by Date)

- blogurl: Searches for keyword in the Blog's site address, i.e. URL
For example: Find blogs with chirayu in the URL

- The References link shows the number of posts linking to that particular post.

- Find Poetry related posts from my blog
Poetry site:chirayu.blogspot.com

- Find Cricket related posts from my blog
Cricket site:chirayu.blogspot.com

- Find Google related posts from my blog
Google site:chirayu.blogspot.com

- Find Yahoo! related posts from my blog
Yahoo site:chirayu.blogspot.com

Update: This post has been indexed by Google Blog Search.

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