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Monday, September 05, 2005

Fun: Google Vanishing Logo

Here's your chance to become Harry Potter for a minute.
Conjure a magic trick and make Google disappear.

1. Select this link to open a new web page
2. Click anywhere on the above web page
3. Put your hand across the computer screen to hide the Google Logo seen on the web page
4. Wait for 5 seconds - say a magic spell
5. Take your hand away from the screen
6. Wow! See the Google logo fade and watch two Os disappear in thin air
7. Click anywhere on the web page
8. Follow steps 3 to 5
9. See the two Os appear again
10. You're a Google magician, able to make the logo appear and disappear at will.
11. Try the Google Vanishing Logo magic trick.

Link via Google Blogoscoped.