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Monday, September 05, 2005

Pingoat: 1-Click Ping for Blog Search Engines

Use Pingoat to ping various blog search engines with a single click. Pingoat pings general blog search engines like Technorati, IceRocket, Feedster, BlogDigger, NewsGator, etc. along with non-English blog search engines, and special services.

Pinging a blog search engine notifies its web crawler to visit your Web site and index the latest content found on it. Pinging enables faster indexing that results in the latest and newest posts from your Web site to show up on blog search engines.

An example: Search for Pingoat on Yahoo! after a day or two, and chances are this post would appear in the first ten results. Technorati indexes a post within 25 minutes of posting it.

Link via SearchGal.

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