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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Thoughts on Google and France

Why is France against Google's digitization initiative?

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible.
Just because Google has started their library digitization initiative from USA doesn't mean they won't progress on this initiative and extend it to France, other parts of Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa. They sure will.

Why are French librarians, researchers, and politicians paranoid of Google? Google is not going to eat them up. The challenge to Google is good. But the challenge as an affront to it is not correct. Compete with them, but why point fingers on what is (will be) right or wrong? Ask Google a simple question. What are your plans for France? Do you propose to digitize the libraries of France?

Google won't impose US culture on the world. Now one can impose anything on anyone. It is the mind that subjugates. If you have that feeling then you will. Google is a global company and their initiatives of making Google UK Local and Maps, their interfaces in 'n' number of languages, their Ad services in different languages, and their diverse workforce proves it to be an organization that encompasses the world. How old is Google? 7th Sept. 1998 till date - 6.5 years. Give Google time and see how it changes the world. Have patience dear friends from France.

Instead of making a united front against Google, why not start an initiative with Google France (they have a sales office in Paris) to start a digitization campaign for French libraries. How's that for a suggestion?

All languages are beautiful. It takes people to bring out their beauty. Spread French culture across the world, start a project with Google for digitizing the libraries of France.

I had a thought on this and posted it online.

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