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Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Yahoo! 360

My Yahoo! 360. The url of my Yahoo! 360 page is http://360.yahoo.com/chirayu20

I'm experimenting with the blogging features.
The url of My Yahoo! 360 blog is http://blog.360.yahoo.com/chirayu20

Yahoo! 360 Blog
- Good for people who want to start blogging. Type and post.
- Basic features. I tried adding a title="xyzee", and target="_blank" to open a link in a new browser window, and the code added an extra /, /\ after the url. Is target="_blank" not allowed?

- Provide Friends and Email search box on the top right sidebar

- What if I want to post a Review but India does not have a Yahoo Local Search page?

- Please include a Yahoo! Search Box on the Y! 360 page

- Sharing photo albums is nice

- Give an attractive title to the Blog. The current title in light green looks dull. Make it bold Crimson or bold Maroon.

These were initial thoughts. More later.

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