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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Does anyone have a CD of Framemaker?

Category: Personal

Does anyone from Pune have a CD of Adobe Framemaker?
I want to learn Adobe Framemaker. Please let me know.
My email address is chirayu (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks very much.

The CD is costly ($700). Learning FrameMaker is about learning a software. A software is a utility that helps. I've done my best coding with Notepad. I prefer Notepad to FrontPage or Visual InterDev or DreamWeaver. What people don't understand is learning a software is about getting an opportunity. What are inherent are the skills you have. If you know the difference between a semicolon and a comma in MS Word you will remember the same writing in Framemaker. I'm not able to get a call for a technical writing position as I haven't done any Technical Writing work apart from my blog. All I need is a chance. Give me a day and I will learn the software. I've found links to Adobe Framemaker tutorials, but I don't have the software. How will I learn?

Please help me in finding a CD of Adobe Framemaker.

Thanks very much.

This very is an unwanted word to use. Mark Twain had said, "Remove that damn very or else your editor will." But here, it sounds good, hence I've used 'Thanks very much'.

Which of these sentences is the right usage.

Thanks very much.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks and Regards.
Thanks so much.
Thanks a ton.
Thanks a million.
Thanks for the help.
Many thanks.

I need someone to guide me in writing. I need a Mentor.

Last afternoon I'd emailed a person I considered a friend, and he replied, as per official policies I can't tell you this. Bro, I mailed you as a friend. As per official policies lunch time is for 30 minutes and more than 99% of the people extend that time, there's no break for tea and cigarettes, there's no time for games and reading, and a 'n' number of other things; yet everyone does that. So where's your official policy in that. If you wanted to reply 'No' you could've answered straightforward, "I don't want to tell." I wouldn't have felt bad.