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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Zeitgeist: What the world is searching for

Category: Professional

What is the world searching for?

Search patterns, trends, surprises, keywords, phrases, music, sports, celebs, shopping, and much more.

Google Zeitgeist - The general moral, intellectual, cultural climate of an era. What is the world searching for? Top gaining queries from around the world. A must read page each week.
(Zeitgeist is a German word which means 'Time' 'Spirit').

Yahoo Buzz Index - Daily search trends. Search terms that have shown a phenomenal increase, top searches for movies, music, sports, television, video games, and actors.

Lycos Top 50 - A list of the top 50 searches on Lycos for the week.
Note: Includes adult content.

TenbyTen Image Zeitgeist - 100 words and images that define the world at present. What is the world searching for? Check the images to find out.

WordTracker - Top searched keywords. Read the marquee at the top of the page. Note: Includes adult content.

Ebay Shopping Pulse - The most popular searches at Ebay.
(Got this link from John Battelle's blog - This is one must read blog. On one of these weekends, after I get a fast, broadband Internet connection, I'm going to spend an entire weekend reading this blog).

What's your Zeitgeist, Chirayu?
This blog is my Zeitgeist. :-) I've been true and I have written about my successes as well as failures, the good times and the bad times.