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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Thought for Today

Category: Personal.

A thought for today.
Leave excess baggage behind.

A story for this saying. I've written this Zen story before.

I'm writing this in short, once again.

A Chinese monk and his disciple proceed on a long journey.

They meet a beautiful girl, who is waiting by the riverbank. She wants to reach the other side, and there is no boatman in sight.

The monk lifts the girl on his shoulder and calmly carries her across the river.
The disciple has a strange look on his face.

After a long walk, when camping for the night, the Monk asks the Disciple, "It seems you have questions. You look worried? What's the matter?"

The Disciple asks the Master, "This morning you carried a girl across the river. Are we not supposed to follow the path of Salvation. Was it right for you to touch a girl? She looked beautiful, her hair flowing in the wind, her face breaking into a smile when you carried her."

The Master answers,
"I left her on the otherside of the river."
"Why are you still carrying her?"

Leave excess baggage behind. Beautiful.