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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Personal: Developments at work

Category: Personal

Breaking News

The best thing about the unexpected is that it happens so fast.

I'm not working anymore with my present company. They gave me a choice - either you resign or we terminate you, and they didn't give me any other option, so I resigned last afternoon.

My take on this is - can companies be so childish.

I wrote something on my blog, the clients didn't like it, they sent a mail to our company, and my company fired me.

Now, the point to note is - it's a personal blog, no way related to the company or for that matter with the work I do. It's my life and I'm keeping a diary online. So even if I write something, it is personal and besides that I've categorised my posts as personal, professional (related to my interests, nothing about my office work) and misc. Now if I write something, why would anyone take offence and even if someone does, shouldn't the company deal with it in a mature manner.

The HR manager, (he wasn't aware of a blog - now he knows, as I've told him) asked me whether I'd resign or get terminated, and I signed a one page resignation letter, and got my relieving letter.

So the merry-go-round is swinging again, that's life and there are ups and downs - no worries for me. Nothing fazes me, least of all finding a new job.
There's one waiting round the corner and I'll grab it.

As for what I wrote that the clients didn't like. Check the undermentioned post (On keeping an open mind), now why would someone call the first two paragraphs as disparaging remarks? I wonder?

I'm not a person to speak ill of anyone, leave alone write about it.
(And those who know me, have met, and interacted with me would vouch for that).

And, I'd be frank enough to write that yes, they didn't like my work, and they are entitled to their opinion.

One more point - why would the client say, I'm too domineering, and even if they feel so, did my company even check with my colleagues regarding what opinion do they have about me?

Whoever read my blog and didn't like should have acted in a mature way and read it as an individual, and not as representing the company. And come on it's a personal blog, why take it seriously. I was making points for myself, and when I said I need to be more serious about work, it should have been taken in a positive context, not a negative one.

There can be a lot of too and fro explanations, and it's worth nothing.
Let bygones be bygones.
Alright, whatever happened - happened and it's a new beginning.
No hard feelings.

My blogging continues, why shouldn't it, and everyone is free to read.

A simple way would be to think of not writing personal stuff online. In the first place if I would not have written anything, or for that matter not given my blog link to the client this would not have happened.
Then that way of living is not for me. Not for Chirayu. It is for losers.

And when I join the next company, I'll make it a point to tell the HR that blogging was one of the reasons for my being fired, and if they don't want me, I don't mind.

I have seen the moon shine on the other side of the world
And I am no longer the same.

This Jovan Musk deo is very strong. I'm not going to use it, besides that I don't need to, I'm not going to office today.

Bye for now. I got to run, find another job. And, why to worry... it's waiting down the corner for me. The lights are red, the moment they turn green, I'll zoom and get one.

It's a dull, grey, and raining start to a Wednesday morning. It's November, and it's raining and it's time for me to listen to If you wanna love me darling don't refrain, or I'll keep on walking, just keep on walking, in the cold November Rain.

Yes, I got to keep on walking...

It's going to be Diwali time next week and some questions will be difficult to answer...

Where are you working?
How much do you earn?
And the question I hate to answer, When are you getting married?

Life is an open road and there's something better written for me.

I can try for Google and get in their AdWords Marketing, and I don't want to do that. So I need to think about what do I want to do.

One final point. People are entitled to their opinions, and I'm entitled to accepting or rejecting them, because after all they are opinions.

Note: This is a personal post. No way related to my employer or ex-employer. This is my blog and I'm entitled to my opinion online, and if you value your freedom then you'd appreciate that I value mine.